11 november Stockholm


Trendspaning och inspiration för coacher, chefer, ledare och andra intresserade av utveckling.

Morgan Bailey

Engineering meets leadership, the synergy of technical competence and emotional intelligence.

What happens to the best engineers and technical experts? Ironically, they get promoted to do something else. This is how technical minded individuals find themselves thrust into the fog of management and leadership. The challenge, to shift from problem solvers to solution seekers. This talk will focus on how to reframe key elements of the engineering mindset to develop technical leaders who can combine systems level thinking with emotional intelligence to enhance leadership and team performance.

Morgan Michael Bailey, PhD, MPH is a leadership and business coach from San Francisco, USA. Throughout his career he has mixed business and passion across the globe to improve organizations, lives, and the world we live in. He uses his unique background in business, engineering, coaching, and leadership development to address challenges from a systems thinking perspective while never losing sight of the individual.

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